Friday, December 14, 2012

Missionary Matt

It was fun this morning to get back in the portrait-taking saddle again for my handsome missionary nephew, Matthew – soon to be doing his part in spreading the Good News of the gospel in Melbourne, Australia.  I wonder how to say “G’day Mate!” in Mandarin, for that is what he’ll be speaking.

We stepped a few feet away from the house he grew up in, and here he is in the bushes and trees he played in.

DY8A1729 pbl

. . . And just a few more of his HS Senior look so we’ll never forget his mischievous grin and wonder. (As in, I wonder . . . What does he put in those Grand Canyon dimples and cleft chin?) Grand Canyon dimples and cleft chin?  Gee, some guys seem to get it all.

DY8A1693 pbl


DY8A1654 pbl DY8A1668 pbl DY8A1669 pbl    DY8A1673 pbl

Love ya, Mr. Missionary Matt,  you take great pictures and you’ll be a great missionary.  Always Affectionately, Aunt Lauri


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