Saturday, December 13, 2014

Edgar Family

Don’t know when I’ve been around a concentration of so many handsome men and boys, and beautiful women and girls.

Edgar Family-21-2

Edgar Family-318-49 Edgar Family-100-23 Edgar Family-37-8 Edgar Family-315-48

Edgar Family-237-34

Edgar Family-52-13 Edgar Family-64-16

Edgar Family-472-81 Edgar Family-119-26

Edgar Family-454-77 Edgar Family-79-18 Edgar Family-467-78 Edgar Family-174-32

Edgar Family-161-30 Edgar Family-327-50

Edgar Family-283-44

Edgar Family-168-31

Edgar Family-26-5 Edgar Family-263-37

Edgar Family-266-38 Edgar Family-368-56 Edgar Family-406-71

Edgar Family-133-28 Edgar Family-477-82 Edgar Family-280-41

Edgar Family-286-45

Edgar Family-339-52

Edgar Family-39-9 Edgar Family-82-20

Edgar Family-57-15 Edgar Family-80-19

Edgar Family-470-80 Edgar Family-54-14 Edgar Family-277-40 Edgar Family-479-83

Edgar Family-105-25 Edgar Family-445-76 Edgar Family-100-23 Edgar Family-401-68

Edgar Family-282-43

Edgar Family-308-47 Edgar Family-77-17

Edgar Family-340-53 Edgar Family-347-54


Edgar Family-268-39 Edgar Family-252-36

Edgar Family-333-51

Edgar Family-219-33

Saturday, November 15, 2014

First Snow

While my guys are digging potatoes they notice a snowflake settle on Meg's brown fur and call me over with my camera. Below is a tight crop of that bitty lil' white spot.

Opening Snow day graces Meg with this perfect tiny 6-pointed star-flake. She is oblivious to the tiny miracle resting on her fur.  She just thinks everyone thinks she's all that.  

Meg and Gigi the henny-penny who has had an extended
charmed life here after avoiding her lady friends trip to
the happy hunting grounds.

The lovely Gigi did indeedy become our dinner tonight.  Kyle summed it up for all of us:  "She tastes like chicken-flavored gum."  Alas, he was right.  I shall miss her.  Having just one chicken has been a pleasure.  And she was a classy lassy as far as hens go.  Meg shall miss her most.

Today was also Build-a-cell-model Day.

Legos can be anything.

Kyle wants to be a bio-engineer (and a cowboy and a . . . ).  Someday we'll remember that it all started on this cellular level.

Getting ready for Thanksgiving feasting.  The turkey's in the oven.  Fastest way to bring a pinata along quickly is the dehydrating selection on the oven at 100 degrees F.  Cheri's recipe - 5 parts water to 1 part flour. Boil a couple min.  I found I added quite a bit more water as I was working.  3 - 4 layers should make this birdie hold up to some wacks, even from the big guys.

These beauties might become pheasants instead of turkeys.  This in honor of Mark's keen desire to bring one home from a hunt.  If he doesn't get to shoot one this year at least he can have a wack at one.