Thursday, March 6, 2014

Progress of A Horse

Kyle’s colt, Hidalgo, was born July 2011. Polly is his dam, and a fine, dark Quarter horse stallion of one of Jay’s friends is his sire.  He has been handled and petted since his Day 1.

_MG_2741 pbl

_MG_2759 pbl

Two and a half years later . . . he’s under the Natural Horsemanship training of Tucker and becoming a grand Western Pleasure horse and, maybe, a roper.

DY8A3747 pbl     DY8A3716 3x7






Kyle is asking questions and being trained in horsey psychology.


DY8A3751 pbl DY8A3745 pbl DY8A3755 5x5

Today ‘Dalgo is going to experience something new and scary – bags of hay cubes flopping around his sides.  When Tucker longes him he takes off bucking.  She says not to try to make a horse stop bucking – just make it as uncomfortable as you can for him. Neat to see how she does that.


DY8A3756 5x7

After his party is over, he stands champing and licking his lips – a horsey sign of understanding and acceptance.

DY8A3761 pbl

He may look dejected – he’s not.  Tucker is his chosen leader and a happy and safe place.

DY8A3725 pbl DY8A3732 pbl DY8A3738 pbl DY8A3752 pbl

DY8A3722 bw

Just havin’ a little fun horsing around here and I can’t resist a photo opp when I have a camera in hand.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Winter Wedding

Such a beautiful day.

DY8A3276 5x7


DY8A3147 pbl DY8A3197 pbl DY8A3276 pbl 2

DY8A3153 pbl DY8A3155 pbl DY8A3156 pbl

DY8A3184 pbl

DY8A3269 pbl DY8A3230 pbl DY8A3231 pbl

DY8A3268 pbl DY8A3197 pbl DY8A3209 pbl

DY8A3270 pbl

DY8A3288 pbl DY8A3186 pbl 

DY8A3206 pbl DY8A3211 pbl

DY8A3267 DY8A3223 pbl DY8A3186 pbl DY8A3236 pblDY8A3219 pbl

DY8A3225 pbl DY8A3177 DY8A3171 DY8A3300 pbl DY8A3183 DY8A3265 pbl

DY8A3263 pbl

Friday, November 29, 2013

Lost and Found

Time for the 2013 Christmas Tree hunt up Manti Canyon.

DY8A2855 pbl

Lost: One curious lab mix adventure dog.

Found: One curious lab mix, devil-may-care adventure dog.

DY8A2858 pbl

Found:  Beautiful winter lighting for some candid shots.

 DY8A2891 pbl DY8A2905 pbl

Found: 3 trees to fill our Christmas tree dreams.

DY8A2835 DY8A2825 pbl

Found: Enough snow to slide on.  Found: One hidden and treacherous-to-tailbones rock.

DY8A2897 pbl

Found: One tall and slender Christmas tree.  Found: One tall and slender Gentleman to cut and carry it out.

DY8A2913 pbl

Found: A warm sunny place on the office carpeting to share with  the solar-powered reindeer.