Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Puppy Par-tay Candids 2014

Good times with Meg’s 7 week old puppies, Grma’s cherries, and family, not a few.  The problem with candid pictures is that there are a lot of people missing in them.  What fun to see everyone who came.

DY8A8206 pbl DY8A8209 pbl DY8A8214 pbl


DY8A8207 pbl DY8A8211 pbl DY8A8213 pbl DY8A8220 pbl

DY8A8215 pbl DY8A8216 pbl DY8A8233 pbl

DY8A8225 pbl DY8A8228 pbl

DY8A8236 pbl

DY8A8241 pbl DY8A8247 pbl DY8A8252 pbl

DY8A8253 pbl DY8A8268 pbl

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Jaiden and Beckah Candids


DY8A6652 pbl

DY8A6653 pbl DY8A6654 pbl DY8A6655 pbl DY8A6656 pbl DY8A6657 pbl DY8A6658 pbl DY8A6659 pbl DY8A6660 pbl DY8A6662 pbl

DY8A6587 pbl DY8A6573 pbl DY8A6558 pbl

DY8A6567 pbl DY8A6596 pbl DY8A6600 pbl DY8A6624 pbl

DY8A6579 pbl DY8A6583 pbl DY8A6640 pbl

DY8A6635 pbl

DY8A6664 pbl DY8A6666 pbl DY8A6670 pbl DY8A6672 pbl DY8A6673 plb DY8A6675 pbl DY8A6676 pbl DY8A6688 pbl DY8A6689 pbl DY8A6690 pbl  DY8A6692 pbl DY8A6693 pbl DY8A6698 pbl DY8A6719 pblDY8A6724 pbl DY8A6733 pbl DY8A6734 pbl

DY8A6757 pbl DY8A6765 pbl DY8A6773 pbl DY8A6812 pbl DY8A6817 pbl DY8A6821 pbl DY8A6823 pbl DY8A6831 pbl DY8A6842 pbl DY8A6852 pbl DY8A6856 pbl DY8A6869 pbl DY8A6905 pbl DY8A6909 pbl DY8A6912 pbl

DY8A6916 pbl DY8A6930 pbl

DY8A6920 pbl DY8A6927 pbl DY8A6952 pbl DY8A6934 pbl DY8A6936 pbl DY8A6942 pbl DY8A6941 pbl