Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Kathi’s Quilt

To more fully appreciate ,ya gotta see this snuggly up close and personal.  Each quilt block is fashioned by chil’ren  and grandchil’rens of Mel and Kathi.  As we sisters were admiring it for the first time we couldn’t have been more delighted with the sincerity, sweetness, hope and bawdy humor everyone placed into this Quilt of Comfort.

DY8A8879 pbl DY8A9068 pbl

Pieced, quilted and bound by the lovely Jana.  (note to self: do not sit next to Jana when you really need to be attentive and quiet)  (another note to self: scratch first note to self – I will sit by her anytime, anywhere I can – just don’t look her in the eye – it’s safest that way)

 DY8A8882 pbl DY8A8883 pbl DY8A8884 pbl DY8A8885 pbl DY8A8886 pbl DY8A8887 pbl DY8A8889 pblDY8A8888 pbl  DY8A8890 pbl DY8A8891 pbl DY8A8893 pbl DY8A8894 pbl DY8A8895 pbl DY8A8896 pbl DY8A8907 pblDY8A8897 pbl DY8A8898 pbl DY8A8900 pbl DY8A8901 pbl DY8A8902 pbl DY8A8903 pbl DY8A8905 pbl DY8A8904 pbl DY8A8906 pbl 

I think I missed a couple.  I’ll just have to go back up to Beautiful BC for retakes.

Go Big Sis!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Conference Weekend Memories Pile Up


DY8A9702 pbl


DY8A9690 pbl 

DY8A9695 pbl 

DY8A9696 pbl DY8A9697 pbl DY8A9698 pbl 

No necks were broken or anythin’.


 DY8A9704 pbl DY8A9706 pblDY8A9705 pbl

DY8A9718 pbl

DY8A9580 pbl DY8A9581 pbl DY8A9582 pbl

Checking out Kyle and Anna’s mother cows and their calves.

DY8A9588 pbl DY8A9590 pbl

DY8A9591 pbl DY8A9597 

DY8A9600 pbl

A cow can show its age by its teeth.  This one’s are worn right to the gums.  I didn’t know before today that bovine only have teeth on the bottom jaw – never thought about it.

DY8A9620 pbl DY8A9621 pbl DY8A9622 pbl

I just noticed how big this guy is getting.

DY8A9631 pbl

Kyle and Mark were so excited to shoot Big K’s Glock 22.  You can see the shell to the high right of Jay’s hat.

DY8A9633 pbl

DY8A9634 pbl

DY8A9638 pbl


DY8A9645 edge burn

Home again for more General Conference and quiet.

DY8A9663 pbl DY8A9678 pbl

DY8A9680 pbl

DY8A9683 pbl DY8A9687 pbl

DY8A9725 pbl DY8A9733 pbl 

I sure like my life with boys.  Boys and General Conference are cool.