Saturday, November 10, 2012

Hey Honey!

At the beginning of the summer it was the big question.  Would the Italians outperform the Carnolians, or vice versa?  Kyle looks pretty confident in his 4 lb.nuk of fuzzy girl-bees, Mark a little concerned.  No need.  Our honey bees both did well and gave gallons of the liquid gold stuff.  Now Mark and Kyle have been busy bottling and labeling and are ready to sell the sweet success of Mother Nature.
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Yum.  Watching honey flow is like watching ocean waves come to the shore, or a camp fire burning low – captivating, mesmerizing and irresistible.  Poke the fire, splash the wave, or dip a finger in the sweet, sticky stuff.  The twins were carefully instructed not to, but I still feel the urge and have to instruct myself too.
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Here they are making custom labels for their honey jars (at no extra charge to their customer).
DY8A1191 pbl
Wildflower Raw Honey – $4.00 a pound (that’s about what you can get it for at your local grocery store.)
Sold in sealed quart or pint mason jars
Quart size – $13.00   Bring an clean wide mouth quart  mason jar to replace and the honey is $12.00  (3 lbs)
Pint size – $7.00 Bring a clean pint mason jar to replace and the price is $6.00 (1 1/2 lbs)
Coming soon: 
Honey Crèmes  (The sweetest, creamiest most delicate hard candies EVER)
Honey Silk  (also known as Creamed Honey or Whipped Honey)


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